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An advanced biotechnology R&D center for oligosaccharides, Olive is dedicated to the development of completely natural substances derived from wild plants and marine organisms. We specialize in a wide range of oligos for food and beverage, cosmetics, medicine, feed as well as other products.

We were the first, and still the only, pure natural oligosaccharides manufacturer in mainland China. Our team of staff scientists integrates cutting-edge technology with Chinese traditional extracting skills to retain maximum amount of nutrients and their biological properties. Using natural plant extracts and processing without chemical modification, this Green Friendly oligo features the latest high-end models in the international world.

The Municipal Government of Qingdao has formulated the Twelfth Five-Year Plan to develop hi-tech industries such as oligosaccharides. According to this plan, during this five-year stage (2011-2015), Olive was accredited as the Oligo Industry-Leading Enterprise. By taking advantage of the abundant resources in China, we are dynamic and innovative, and based on Hi-Startup, Hi-Tech, Hi-Yield, Hi-End, Hi-Energy and Environmentally Friendly Models to develop ourselves.

A creative-oriented philosophy to be adhered to ground-breaking ST, Olive shows respect for nature and the environment, and in the meantime we have been actively looking for partners and making prudent choices for technology cooperation. We share the vision of a bright future!

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