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Olive understood that nature offers an extensive field of research (there are around 800,000 different plants and 210,000 marine species on Earth) given that the life of man is closely dependent on them – to breathe, eat and heal. In the past few years, front-line research has confirmed that every creature contains some active ingredients which have specific functions. Oligo, as one of the most popular fields of scientific research, highlights broader prospects for its application.

Oligosaccharides are carbohydrates which have 3-10 simple sugars linked together. Oligo is linked by more than 2 and less than 10 monosaccharides, it carries a lot of bio-information and has specific structures and exhibits bioactivity properties – most information was never released and revealed, it can have many functions on life processes.

Nowadays, oligo research has risen to a national strategic position among western countries. Though China has made initial achievements in the research of functional oligos but there is still a gap between China and foreign advanced technology, especially pertaining to application and industrialization approaches. After years of research, Olive has mastered a number of manufacturing techniques in functional oligosaccharides, such as oligo food additives, oligo pharmaceutical intermediates, oligo feed additives, which have gone through several rounds of pilot testing.

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