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With the excellent technical support and services from our team of leading scientists in the avian medicine and related industrial field, Olivebiotech has become close and indispensable business partners of the Chinese largest domestic poultry farming enterprises to bring in much brighter prospects and opportunity …… 

Our innovated poultry pesticides product is a pure natural, safe and non-toxic pesticides. It is mainly made of the marine organisms oligosaccharides, supplemented by natural plants oligosaccharides and fungi. In addition, the non-complex and small number of carbon molecules of oligosaccharides could also be used for chicken, duck and other poultry feed additives and water agent.

Main Features:

* Enhance Poultry Immunity, Reduce or Replace the Use of Antibiotics
With the expansion of poultry’s production scale and increased stock density, a variety of diseases and infections in poultry industry has become an important and urgent issue to be solved.

The excessive and extensive use of antibiotic in the past and nowadays has been a serious impact on human health and the quality of meat.

The increase of bacteria resistance to drug and decline of poultry’s own immune system also seriously affect the production growth of the poultry industry.

As the fundamental solution to the antibiotic residues, bacterial resistance to drug, and many other issues, oligosaccharides can greatly enhance the poultry immunity, enhance their resistance to disease and inflammation, reduce or replace the use of some antibiotics.

* Regulate Body Functions, Improve the Meat Quality
Apart from enhancing the poultry immune system, oligosaccharides also has effective functions of regulating intestinal flora, blood lipids and endocrine, promote absorption of mineral elements and etc. Hence greatly protect the poultry health, improve product quality, eliminate safety hazards bringing more delicious and enjoyable treat.

* Improve the Ratio of Meat, Improve Production Efficiency
As oligosaccharides are composed of non-complex and small number of molecules, poultry can easily absorb such natural form to increase the feed conversion efficiency, and lead to greater production.

* Low Investment cost, High Return

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