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Organic Oligosaccharide Project Signing Ceremony (on July 23, 2024 at 9:10 am) Back

Olive Biotech and five other companies signed contracts with Qingdao National High-Tech Bureau this January 25th.  Deputy Mayor Zhang Hui, High-Tech Broad Director Liu Wei and other officials attended the signing ceremony.

Paying close attention to industry trends, Qingdao National High-Tech Development Zone is working to attract and promote the industrialization of high-tech projects.  The signed investment is about 1.16 billion RMB and will reach 6 billion RMB by 2014. Olive Biotech is cooperating with universities and other official institutes in order to research oligosaccharides and develop products, and our market prospect is promising.  Olive Biotech is investing 1500 million RMB and cooperating with the high-tech zone for the biotechnology public platform project.

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