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Olive produces more than 10 types of oligosaccharides in the range of a 3-to-5-carbon-chain level. And oligo, because of its small size, can be absorbed through the skin immediately and produce an effect which hardly can be achieved by traditional botanical additives. These small molecules can be absorbed thoroughly and tend to be more physiologically active within the cell, boosting metabolism and raising toxin coupling. Oligosaccharides have powerful antioxidant effects and it destroys free radicals, purifying cells in your body, and to keeping an exuberant vitality. Besides, oligo can be absorbed easily into the skin – a very fine transporter, helping to improve absorbency of amino phenols and vitamins, and accelerating collagen formation and other fine compounds too.

Olive Ecological Products has more than ten pilot cosmetics ingredients that can be provided to the customer for their own trial runs.

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