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Olive Ecological Products has more than 20 kinds of natural botanical oligosaccharides could be added to health beverages. The short-carbon-chain level could hold more nutrients and satisfy one or more functional requirements, and be absorbed faster and more completely than the traditional additives. We offer a wide variety of botanical oligos with different effects, including mind-calming, blood-purifying, stomach-nourishing, liver and kidney improving, and spleen-strengthening, which could apply to various beverages.

Traditional botanical beverage additives form very long molecule chains containing hundreds of thousands of carbon atoms, but the human body can only absorb monose substances. Thus, just a very small percentage of these botanical extracts are broken off and absorbed in the digestive system, while many of these functions available will not work. It is the great wastage of inadequate access to this naturally supplied gift.

The latest botanical additive is represented by oligosaccharides; Olive manufactures them with an entirely natural process by physical means and enzymatic actions, which break the long chains down into shorter molecules or oligosaccharides without using chemicals, while carbon chains remain the natural structure and its nutritional functions are natural instead of synthetic. Oligosaccharides perform many functions which are absent from traditional additives, and multiply efficiency hundreds of times. So small amounts of usage could achieve far greater effects and improve consumer health literacy but the cost remains the same as before.

We are currently looking to cooperate with only 1 or 2 large beverage producers.

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