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We integrate the modern physical and biological extraction techniques to produce a series of pure natural biopesticide products, which are free of hormones, and chemicals.
The product series are divided into three categories, the natural plant pesticides, poultry and fish pesticides. Unlike the chemical products, they can be used as antibacterial agents directly kill pathogenic microorganisms, but also can stimulate and activate the animals’ and plants’ own defense mechanism to affect only the target pest and closely related organisms to achieve biocontrol purposes, pest populations optimization control, lower exposures and largely avoiding the environment pollution problems, eliminate human toxicity and significantly reduce production costs, while production yields remain high.

At the same time, each product itself can be used as insecticides, fungicides, and nutrients. It is cheap and avoid duplication of labor, and thus significantly reduce labor costs.

The products are natural and organic, with no chemical residue, non-toxic, harmless, and in line with national requirements of sustainable development, Thus significantly enhance the market value of agricultural products.

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