Olivebiotech is an advanced biotechnology research and development (R&D) company centres and focuses on the oligosaccharides natural substance extracted from natural wild plants and marine organisms.

Our team of scientists integrates both the modern cutting-edge technology with Chinese traditional extraction techniques to retain the maximum amount of natural nutrients and their biological properties. These natural origin and non-chemical characteristics are today’s high-end vanguard in the world’s international market. Our high-end products are mainly used in pharmaceuticals, health care, beverages, cosmetics and agricultural as well as other industries.

To cater for business development and expansion, Olivebiotech has planned to invest a total of about 300 million RMB in building a modern and world class R&D centre in Qingdao. The plan is in good progress as planned, and Phase I of the new centre with an investment nearly 50 million RMB has now been completed.

Our R&D scientists focus on the core non-complex and small molecule plant extract product development for both injection and oral medicine applications. We offer solutions for health care, beverage, cosmetic and agricultural bio-pesticides, poultry medicine and other industries.

Adhering to the “national health care” business philosophy, Olivebiotech is dedicated to providing all-natural high-end product solutions. The Company has been in close cooperation with a number of renowned scientific institutions consisting of the Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other well-known institutions, as well as having working contract with the country’s top scientists and professional PhD.

We are the first, and still the unique natural functional oligosaccharides manufacturer and R&D company in China, and have four specialized laboratories in which more than thirty of China’s most outstanding scientists to participate in technical collaboration. They are the specialists in molecular biology, plant nutrition, marine biology, pharmacology science and other disciplines of China’s most influential scientists. We also have about twenty senior technical personnel, who all possess PhD degrees in the relevant field, and good working experience.

Our team has successfully developed injection salvia oligosaccharides and Polygala oligosaccharides, oral versicolor oligosaccharides, wolfberry oligosaccharides, alginate and chitosan oligosaccharide, etc. Another 3-5 kinds of injecting drug are being developed, 6-8 kinds of oral oligosaccharides have been in the pilot trial for several rounds as planned. The trial results confirmed positive and they are safe, and effective.

After years of market development and promotion, agricultural bio-pesticides and poultry bio-medicine products have achieved remarkable results, and form a good basis for cooperation and business partnership with large enterprises.