Main responsibilities:

1.Responsible for daily office routine work, such as answering phones, receiving visitors, distributing letters and couriers, telephone list update, purchasing office stationery, preparing business name card/envelops/letterform etc.

2.Book tickets for internal staff /external visitors, and make hotel reservations and transportation arrangement as required

3.Responsible for management and maintenance of conference rooms like documentation preparation, projector setting, water and snack prearrangement.

4.Ensure the smooth running and maintenance of office equipments as phone-sets, printers, photocopiers, fax machines etc.

5.Monthly stationery and other payments clearance

6.Other office administration supporting assigned

Main qualifications:

1.Fluent in English

2.Excellent interpersonal skill to handle the interface

3.College degree or the equivalent

4.Proficient in computer skills including MS Office Software

5.Teamwork Spirit

6.Strong intention to make an effort to improve her ability

(This position will sign labor contract with 3rd party company)